Where are your customers

Every 6.5minutes a person looks at their mobile phone.
150 opportunities per day to acquire a customer.


Support the digital strategy

Communicate with your customers and optimize your loyalty plan.

Higher revenue

Obtain a higher ROI than in traditional campaigns.

Economic and Efficient

Cheaper than other advertising medium and much more efficient.

Greater knowledge

Offer personalized contents and services.

New opportunities

70% of searches per hour lead to a purchase.

Strong brand image

Your customers will see it as added value.

Customer Interaction
Place your ad in your customers’ hands when they are in the right location and ideal mind-set to respond to your offer.

Customer Profiling
Target your customers based on their locations, interest, spend and purchase behavior.

Enhance your sponsorship campaigns by interacting with your customers when they are at your event.

We think of and treat our clientele as our partners.

We go above and beyond the conventional practices to deliver the best results to our partners.